André Salmon's 139th Birthday and His Astrological Birth Chart

André  Salmon, c. 1927

Today we celebrate André Salmon's birthday, born on October 4, 1881.  He would have been 139 years old.  În his three-volume memoir Souvenirs sans fin, now available in one huge tome, the poet/art critic claims that his sun sign Libra is located at 12 degrees, which may have been calculated by his dear friend, poet and astrologer, Max Jacob.* With our contemporary computers and wonderous internet access, a bit of research found Salmon's birth chart on Hello Astrology, calculated at 1 pm Paris time in 1881. Max was not far off.  Salmon was a Libra, born at 11 degrees 25' 46". Moon in Aquarius. Rising Sign in Sagittarius. Looking back on his life, it all makes sense. 

Here is his chart:

Salmon's Sun sign in Libra indicates a love of the arts, justice and harmony.  Therefore, we understand his career as a writer, art critic, court journalist and defender of the avant-garde.  Ruled by an air sign, he dedicated his life to nurturing his mind and his spirit.

Salmon's ascendant is Sagittarius, the adventurer.  So naturally the opportunity to stage-manage the tours of Baret in 1906 would be appealing.  Salmon read voraciously, traveled extensively, and opened his mind to numerous experiences, including opium.  A gifted story-teller, his humor was dry, laced with uncompromising candor.

Having the moon in Aquarius supports independent thought and embracing humanitarian causes. Librans believe in justice; Aquarians raise social consciousness.

With Mercury in Scorpio, Salmon's mind had to produce passionate communications, which accounts for his devotion to his poetry and other forms of writing creatively: songs, plays and novels.  Such pursuits were met with intense focus guided by intuition.  The same was true for his art criticism.

Venus in Virgo might indicate a highly discerning pursuit of people or objects to love.  Once committed, this person remains a monogamous spouse and faithful friend. For Salmon, it was his first wife Jeanne, who died in 1949, and his second wife Léo, whom he married in 1953.  Among his best known stories of loyalty, we know of his attempt to save Max Jacob's life and Moise Kisling's artwork during World War II. He could not rescue Max, but he did rescue Kisling's art.

Mars, the action sign, belongs to Cancer, thus Salmon demonstrated a nurturing temperate, particularly regarding home, blood relations and close friends. Salmon's tireless support of the artists he favored knew no bounds.

Jupiter in Taurus explains Salmon's delight in his active social life. His homes too brought him pleasure and comforts whenever possible. Security as a journalist and art critic also brought a sense of well-being. 

Saturn in Taurus explains why Salmon was prolific.  As a writer he brought hard work to his efforts. Moreover he was considered reliable, honest and trustworthy.  As for art, he valued "ordre et mesure."

Uranus in Virgo in the 8th House is particularly telling.  Here I cite Hello Astrology:
"Particularly interested in the metaphysical realm, you find yourself consistently searching for information."   That sounds just right when I think of André Salmon.

To continue to learn more about Salmon's birth chart or in case you wish to pursue your own astrological analysis, please consult Hello Astrology or Astrotheme or a similar celebrity astrology website.

Bon Anniversaire, André!

*Souvenirs sans fin: 1903-1940, (repr. Gallimard, 2004), page 178.



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