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Congratulations to Jacqueline Gojard - The Salmon-Apollinaire Letters Have Arrived!

   Portrait of Andre Salmon by Léon Gottlieb, 1908           Apollinaire in Picasso's Studio, 1910        Preface, edited and annotated by Jacqueline Gojard Nous nous sommes rencontrés dans un caveau maudit Au temps de notre jeunesse Fumant tous deux et mal vêtus attendant l'aube Épris, épris des mêmes paroles dont il faudra changer le sens We met in a dirty dive During the days of our youth, Both smoking and poorly dressed, awaiting the dawn, In love, yes in love with the same words whose meaning will have to be changed. "Poem Read at André Salmon's Wedding" (July 13, 1909) -- Guillaume Apollinaire The short life of Apollinaire (1880-1918) is well known, from the child in a sailor suit to the poet in his uniform, crowned with a bandaged head.  The same cannot be said of André Salmon (1881-1969), who survived his companion by more than fifty years.  United by " a friendship that cannot end, " these two poets never stopped seeing and writing to each other

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