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Joyeux Anniversaire, André Salmon - And a new book to celebrate your 141st birthday

It is a great pleasure and honor to celebrate André Salmon's 141st birthday with the announcement of the revised English translation of his La Jeune Peinture française ( Young French Painting ), enhanced with an introduction by the brilliant Salmon expert Jacqueline Gojard, Professor Emeritus of Literature (in American parlance), University of Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle), Za Mir Press, 2022. The title Pablo Picasso, André Salmon and "Young French Painting"  brings attention to Salmon's significant support of Picasso, specifically in the first and second chapters: "The Fauves" and "An Anecdotal History of Cubism."  The latter is Salmon's best known contribution to the history of art, although he gave so much more to the discipline.  Prof. Gojard's essay frames these themes exceptionally well, and it is through her analyses and other publications on Salmon - such as the conference papers published thus far - that Salmon's gifts to art,

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