A la Recherche d'André Salmon- International Colloquium December 9, 2019 at the University of Turin

André Salmon Colloquium, December 9, 2019
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of his death on March 12, 1969
Salle Principi d'Acaja,  15 via Po
Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Turin, Italy
Also sponsored by the University of Kent-Paris Research Institute and 
the University of Toulon-Var - le Laboratoire Babel

At long last, the André Salmon Blog is pleased to present photographs and notes from the André Salmon Colloquium which took place at the University of Turin on December 9, 2019.  It was a fabulous event from start to finish, marred unfortunately by the absence of our treasured colleagues Jacqueline Gojard, Salmon expert extraordinaire - guru for us all on everything having to do with Salmon, and Jean-Luc Pouliquen, poet and Salmon aficiondo from Hyères, a city not far from Sanary-sur-Mer, where Salmon retired.  The transport strike in France, begun on December 5th, cancelled their plans to join us. Nevertheless, in the subsequent blog posts on the Salmon Colloque, we will present synopses of their presentations along with the ones presented in person. Jacqueline Gojard presented her paper on Skype.

Mille Grazie - Merci Beaucoup - Thank You So Much!

Heartfelt gratitude must be expressed with kudos to our organizers: Professor Franca Bruera, Department of Humanistic Studies at the University of Turin, and Dr. Marilena Pronesti, University of Turin and member of the Bande à Salmon who dreamed up this event in Paris during our Salmon meeting in January 2019.  Both Franca and Marilena created a most warm and welcome atmosphere for their guests. Thank you so much for your support, your enthusiasm, and your generosity. We are so grateful for all your hard work  to make this important event come to fruition.  We learn so much for each other when we are together in person. Thank you for the delicious meals and sweets that sustained us through our sojourns in your beautiful city. 

Also heartfelt thanks to the Committee that chose the papers: Franca Bruera, Marilena Pronesti, Jacqueline Gojard, Peter Read, and Michèle Monte.

Here are photos of the colloquium at the University of Turin:

Morning session: Peter Read (University of  Kent), Marilena Pronesti and Franca Bruera 
(both University of Turin)

The "salle" and "swag" 
NB: Salmon tote bag with poster, program, University of Turin folder and pen for notes
On the right: Marilena Pronesti, Beth Gersh-Nesic (Mercy College, NY), 
Francesca Milaneschi (University of Macerata, behind Marilena) and her husband

And photos of the Alliance Française de Torino program after the colloquium:

Thank you, AFT, especially the director Antonia Sandez Negrini,  for hosting a magnificent event and reception. Thank you, Marilena, for curating and presenting a beautiful tribute to our André Salmon.

Marilena Pronesti presents the life and legacy of André Salmon
through poetry, prose, and a video produced by Marilena Pronesti

The André Salmon Exhibition, Curated and installed by Marilena Pronesti
Salmon's sketches of his friends c. 1908-9, Private Collection

Émilien Sermier (University of Lausanne) and Peter Read (Professor  Emeritus 
of Modern French Literature and Visual Arts, University of Kent)

Maria Dario 
Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Ca' Foscari Venice

Salmon's sketches on view in an exhibition dedicated to his work

We look forward to sharing the individual colloquium presentations and their speakers with you in our future posts.

Viva la bande à Salmon!!!


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