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Who was André Salmon?
The poet/art critic André Salmon (1881-1969) was one of the four members of Pablo Picasso’s notorious “gang” in Montmartre, along with the Spanish artist, the poet/art critic Guillaume Apollinaire, and the poet/artist Max Jacob.  Always a poet, he earned his living as an art critic, journalist and novelist.  He was among the leading authorities on Cubism from its inception; a staunch supporter of the School of Paris; a modernist poet; a journalist; a novelist; a playwright; a leader within literary circles; and a close friend of numerous artists, mainly immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia.  During his lifetime, Salmon traveled in all the avant-garde literary circles, led in many, and was highly respected by all his colleagues.. His best-seller Modigliani: A Memoir (1960) was the first biography of this beloved tragic Italian modernist artist.  Best known today for his memoirs about the heady days of modern art, from Montmartre to Montparnasse, his star has dimmed as his luminary friends' shine more brightly in our current texts on the period. Therefore, we decided to devote this blog to posting stories, research, conferences, and answers to your queries about André Salmon.  Please feel free to contact us at andresalmon-poet@gmail.com